George Will

While waiting for a train home, having a pint at Bridgewater Pub in 30th Street Station, I ran into George Will, the Pulitzer winning journalist and political commentator. He was sitting at the bar with a martini, alternating between the game on TV (Detroit vs. somebody, Houston?) and the Cubs on his phone. He was wearing a white dress shirt and dark suit pants with a faint stripe, the tie and jacket removed and draped over his roller luggage. A few things struck me….

We had a brief exchange about the miracle of the smart phone and the ability to broadcast his baseball team where ever he was. “A wonderful time to be alive” he said.

I asked him his thoughts on the conventions. The GOP he said was a disaster. While the DNC was just starting, he didn’t seem to have much hope for it. I expressed my frustration as well, saying these were two awful candidates and I am tire of picking between the lessor of two evils.

I made a comment that now it seems like the time for a 3rd party. He didn’t disagree. He also said “no vote” is a vote as well.

It reminded me of the time in high school, when a student ran unopposed for a position in student council. The student was very popular and respected, but as a joke, people thought it would be funny to enter “no vote”. It was sort of a mock protest, about not having a choice. Perhaps that’s the right call here….no vote. Or something like the British system has, a no confidence vote.

Because currently, I have no confidence in our political process.