February 2016

A Writer Writes...

When reading two book s about writing from some very prolific writers, James Michener and Stephen King, one commonality struck me. Both said they wrote every day. Both authors wrote for very different genres, came from different backgrounds and generations, but that one commonality struck me. Even Ernest Hemingway followed the practice of writing almost everyday. On the train ride in, I listen to a podcast from Tim Ferris and his interview with Seth Golden. Seth said one of the best ideas he had ever, was to blog everyday. Nothing complicated, just something that he thought, saw and/or felt during the course of the day. Give a brief edit, and post/publish.

I follow several fitness bloggers and my favorite is Dan John. He often refers to a quote, "If it is important, do it every day" (attributed to Dan Gable, US Gold Medal Olympian).

I figure these are all telling me to publish more often. That being said, it does take time to do something truly meaningful. So my new approach, a daily journal so to speak, ramblings really. Then another section for more long form writings, that require research and analysis.