April 2016

Primary Day

Primary Day…..and I actually get to vote as a I registered for a party. That drives me bonkers that I had to do that, but my state does not have an open primary. If anything good comes out of this election cycle (and it is questionable with regards to candidates), is that it has really exposed flaws in our current election process. The process needs significant updates. A compressed election cycle. Open primaries Elimination of this delegate process, especially these potentially nefarious super/unbounded delegates. Eventually I’ll do a long from to talk about some potential solutions.

The Close Door

When I get off the morning train to go to my office, I have to go down a long flight of stairs with other departing passengers. We go down, 2 abreast. At the bottom is a double door. One of the doors, the one on the left, has a bar horizontally across the midsection. The kind of bar that you push to open. The other door, the one on the right, is completely smooth and unmarked. No bar to push to open. No signage to say use the other door, or even this door.

As the people go down the steps, there is a slight bottleneck at the bottom as people go thru the door with the bar, the one on the left. A person on the left goes through, then a person from the right, and so on. It has been this way for as long as I’ve been taking the train, about 1 year.

One day I was on the right side, but instead of waiting to go through the left door, I reach out to touch the right. It moved. I pushed harder and it opened, and I went through that. There was a momentary pause, then people started going through the right, following me.

The next day (keep in mind that this is a popular commuter route, where you have the same riders every day), I headed down the steps on the right side. No one was going through the right door, until I went through it.

On days I went on the left side, no one would go through the right door.

I wonder how often we do this in life? Keep going through one door, while not trying the other. The right door had no warning. No invitation either. It was just closed.

Maybe it is time to try opening some more doors.